AoS: Tomb Kings vs. Wood Elves

Feb 17, 2016 #1

WAR! Settra's voice boomed across the field of battle. Though the elves could not understand the ancient Khemrian dialect, there was no mistaking the general's command. The undead forces marched forth, though the cavalry were born aloft upon the winds, enchanted by the incantations uttered by the First King. Soaring across the field, their hooves had barely touched the verdant earth where the death realm's portal had crashed into the sylvaneth realm before they continued their charge into the small unit of archers and warhawk riders. As their spears burst through the chests of the infantry, the warbirds struck back, their talons finding purchase on a few of the horsemen and tearing them from their saddles. At the same time, a flaming skull arced from the catapult and smashed into the face of the forest dragon, blistering half the flesh away as the great beast shook its head and tried to clear the miasma of magics that bolstered the ammunition. Two scorpions burrowed up from the sand on the left flank, but were unable to reach their intended targets, and could only click their claws in anticipation.

The elves wasted no time in retaliating, and their own cavalry quickly galloped forward alongside the swooping dragon. A group of wardancers somersaulted to the flank of the mounted undead embattled with the warhawk riders and took a great toll on their number, though a few yet remained, stomping some of the elves into the dirt and fending off the attacks of their original prey. The archers on the left flank loosed their volley into the scorpions, felling one of them and wounding the other. The central group of cavalry did not have the impetus to reach the Khemrian lines, and the mounted enemy archers arrow's found few chinks in the great giant's armor.
Reacting quickly to compensate for their failures, the elves charged ahead again, seizing the initiative from the undead. The wild riders in the center smashed into the ushabti and skeleton infantry, though left their flank exposed to the giant who had been peppered again by the archers. The giant's blades smashed several of the horsemen asunder, urged on by the Necrotect who stood watch nearby. The elvish cavalry's spears sparked off the stone hides of the ushabti, but felled half a dozen of the skeleton warriors. When the great stone gods retaliated, nearly all of the cavalry were eviscerated, and the rest were finished off by the infantry who had closed ranks with efficiency born of millennia, but not before the elvish magic turned the undead blades on themselves, felling another score of the infantry crumbled. The wardancers and hawk riders cut the rest of the skeletal horsemen down for only a few losses, and the dragon landed near the pyramid to exact revenge upon the catapult.

Tired of the upstart elves, Settra imperiously gave his command again, but misspoke the works of his incantation, and the magical backlash tore through him. Guiding his chariot forward alongside the ushabti, he crashed into the mounted she-elves as the stone warriors thunderously marched forth, towering over the elite infantry and standing as tall as the cavalry. Spear and blade could not harm the ushabti, and their blades cut down all of the infantry as well as the last of the cavalry that had not already been dismembered by Settra's own blade. The catapult launched another skull into the dragon, but the monster's hide deflected the blow. However, the archers on the other side of the pyramid marched forward, and a hail of arrows left the beast bleeding from several wounds before they closed on it and cut it down after several of their number fell to the dragon's claws and teeth.

With the elvish forces in disarray, Settra retrieved the ancient artifact from the fallen wizard, and ordered his liche priests to begin the ritual that would take the Khemrian forces back to their realm.

This was my first game of AoS, and we tried to "eyeball" the forces. It was a pitched battle. Observations:

1. Tomb Kings (and other undead) are very synergistic with their bonuses

2. Ushabti with 1 Mystic Shield are nigh indestructible vs. Damage 1 weapons when nearby a Necrotect. (2+ rerollable)

3. Flying cavalry (28" first turn) to smash into a couple of his archer units was awesome and funny (for me). :D

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